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More stands behind 100% natural and clean products, bringing you a label you can trust. Their skincare products are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical extracts individually selected for their proven benefits and potency. Every product is infused with semi-precious gemstones that make their line as rare and exceptional as you are. Extracts from Malachite and Hematite are the power houses behind an anti-aging process beyond compare. Combined with other natural ingredients, they detox your skin, boost collagen, stimulate repair functions and protect against environmental aggressions. Additional actives simultaneously target discoloration and uneven skin tone. The result is a truly multifaceted anti-aging line that impacts your skin from the inside out.

Every element in their blend is purposefully added to provide maximum benefits to your skin, while serving as a daily reminder that you were made for More. More products inspire and awaken your beauty to help you be everything you were created to be.

The first product in the skincare line is Fresh Start Detoxifying Cleanser. This natural gel cleanser skips the filler to give you more of what really matters. 100% cold pressed Extra Virgin Oil is what More uses as their benefit-rich base and it is boosted with Active Botanicals that take cleansing to new heights. Emollients and nourishing Jojoba Oil moisturize to prevent aging and keep your skin feeling plump and fresh. Calendula Extract is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that fights free radicals trying to tear down your skin and cause aging. Gentle yet intensive, this cleanser is safe to use day and night on all skin types. It gives you a deep clean that doesn’t leave you feeling dry or stripped of nutrients.

The second product is Divine Youth Perfecting Elixir. Meet the toner you actually want to use! Ingredients like alcohol-free Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and German Chamomile fight inflammation and generate even skin tone. Malachite Extract derived from the semi-precious stone with powerful detoxifying and protecting values from things like Copper Peptide, trace elements, and antioxidants. Hyaluronic Acid is added for its remarkable ability to hold 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, making it a key anti-aging ingredient.

The third product is Born Again Ultra Serum. This highly concentrated serum exfoliates, nourishes, and restores skin cells to get to the foundation of your skin’s radiance. Sugar Extract, a low-level alpha hydroxyl, is combined with Glycolic Acid and Grapeseed Extract to remove dead skin and rejuvenate cells in a natural and safe manner. Peptides help skin discoloration and dark circles. Japanese Greet Tea Extract and essential Vitamins C and E provide UV protection and boost collagen.You will notice brighter and more radiant skin when using this serum day and night.

The fourth product is Pure Glow Hydration Therapy Moisturizer. So much more than a moisturizer, this product is packed to the brim with essentials for your skin. Avocado Oil, Silk Protein, and African Shea Butter team up with Mushroom Extract, to keep your skin hydrated, reduce puffiness and inflammation and promote healthy cell reproduction. You may know Hematite as a semi-precious stone, but More included it for its natural collagen boosting traits. When tested alongside Retinol, Hematite performed just as effectively, and in some cases better than the common anti-aging ingredient, without the unhealthy side effects. Squalene prevents age spots and UV damage, and Allantoin and Primrose help provide the most difficult skin with a well-rounded healthy glow.

The last product is Radical Revival Enhanced Treatment Oil. This facial oil is a breakthrough in delivering essential fatty acids and nutrients from the deepest cellular level of your skin outward. While other oils leave you feeling greasy, this oil features quick absorption with a luxurious feel and finish. This oil packs your skin with healthy vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants without leaving that thick, glossy feeling on the surface of your skin. For that reason, it’s great to mix with the Pure Glow Moisturizer or in your liquid foundation, in addition to applying directly to your skin at night. It’s everything you need to give your skin that extra boost.

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