FaceTory Seven Lux Box – February 2017 + 20% Off Coupon

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FaceTory is a sheet mask subscription box that delivers you new and fresh sheet masks every month. I love using sheet masks in my daily skincare routine. Sheet masks are such a great way to instantly brighten, hydrate, and plump skin. Not to mention they are super cheap!

There are two subscriptions available at FaceTory! The one I am reviewing in this post is the Seven Lux Box which includes 7 premium facial masks for $14.95 every month. If you want to go a little cheaper, you can join the Four-Ever Fresh which gets you four masks a month for $4.95. The Lux box is the way to go in my opinion as it not only features sheet masks but hydro-gel masks and masks that include multi-steps.

If you’ve never used sheet masks, this is a great way to introduce yourself to them!

FaceTory really puts a lot of love into the packaging. They come in a very pretty bright yellow box and inside the masks are wrapped in tissue paper with a bow. They also include a colorful card giving details about each mask and the benefits of using it.

The first mask is Oozoo Bear Aurora Illuminating Mask. This adorable Oozoo Bear mask is one of the newest trending sheet masks in Korea. It brightens dull complexion with rice bran water and licorice root extract. Caryocar brasiliense oil adds a new glow to the skin. The ampoule residing in the bear’s ear contains a key ingredient that activates once mixed with the rest of the ingredients in the mask.

The second mask is Bano Water Glow Injection Mask. This sheet mask is the latest release from the Bano Injection Mask line by a famous Korean beauty clinic called Banobagi. Made of bamboo charcoal that helps detox any impurities in the skin, this Water Glow Injection Mask includes ingredients such as tea tree, lemon, licorice, sodium hyaluronate, honey, and peppermint. All these components are great for calming irritated skin and brightening hyper-pigmentation while also leaving the skin soft and moisturized.

The third mask is INSbyN Vita Brightening System Mask BX. INSbyN or “In Science by Nature” promises to channel all the nutrition and ingredients from nature to your skin for a healthy life. This is a special bio-cellulose mask formulated with coconut water. The key ingredient is their cultured coconut extract, a potent fermented coconut oil that is highly nourishing and strengthens the skin barrier. Other ingredients include Vitamins K3, Q, and Vita, a complex which helps brighten uneven skin tone, alleviate skin troubles, and strengthen skin elasticity.

The fourth mask is Wonjin Effect Lightening Tone Up Mask. The special “real skin” material used in this sheet mask is used by Wonjin to speed up the recovery of their cosmetic surgery patients. The flexible sheet material helps to evenly fit the face and is soaked in a creamy essence containing 8 different brightening ingredients including ginseng, rice, milk, and lotus.

The fifth mask is Jayjun Rose Blossom Mask. This Jayjun sheet mask not only contains rose water, but also has a delicate rose fragrance to give you a comfortable and satisfying feeling. Rose water helps keep your skin smooth and bright while the cupro fabric sheet containing camellia oil helps your skin absorb moisture with maximum retention. Additionally, this mask provides extra moisture and nutrients for tired, dull, and stressed skin.

The sixth mask is Nohj Golden Modeling Foil Mask. This gold sheet mask is made of foil which helps cut off outside air in order to maintain skin temperature and help the essence penetrate deep into the skin without evaporating. Gold helps to firm the skin while the hyaluronic acid and cactus extract offers rich hydration to make the skin clear and moisturized.

The seventh mask is 23 Years Old Sitra Dermaseal Mask. A sheet mask that mimics the membrane of an egg shell, this C-Tragel Dermaseal Mask contains key ingredients such as hippophae rhamnoides oil and glycyrrhiza glabra root extract that help treat multiple skin concerns at once. This mask is ideal for oily skin as it calms, balances, repairs, and moisturizes both damaged and dehydrated skin while allowing the skin pores to absorb the leaf extracts and control sebum production.

I love sheet mask and I can’t recommend FaceTory enough. This is a great subscription box worth checking out. Go check out FaceTory here and use coupon code LOVEDAY20 to receive 20% off your first order of the Seven Lux Box.

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