Blume Skincare

Blume Skincare was created and designed for the environmentally conscious person in search of skincare products that are not only are clean and effective but are also safe for the environment. Blume Skincare believes in creating non-toxic, safe products that deliver results without having to compromise your health. For many years, natural products have been thought to be less effective than conventional products, but fortunately that notion is being challenged today. In recent years, people have become more aware of all the dangerous chemicals most commercial products contain, which in turn has led many to look for a more natural approach when it comes to skin care. Many of the harmful ingredients we may be applying to our skin on a daily basis may add up overtime which could be potentially harmful to our health.

The first product I tried out is the French Clay Balancing Soap Bar. This soap bar is formulated with pink French clay, a gentle skin detoxifier and carrot seed oil for its nourishing, skin renewing characteristics. This mild, well-balanced formula works great on oily, combination and mature skin types. This soap is ideal for anyone who wants to remove impurities, and excess oil without drying out the skin plus it smells amazing!

The second product is the Green Tea and Vitamins Purifying Facial Cleanser. This gentle cleanser helps remove excess oil, dirt and other impurities while balancing the skin’s complexion. This cleanser is formulated with green tea and organic witch hazel due to their healing, clarifying properties, and balanced with apple cider vinegar to help purify, and replenish the skin. This cleanser is ideal for oily, combination or acne prone skin types or just anyone who wants to remove excess oil without dehydrating the skin!

The third product is the Apple and Vitamin C Antioxidant Mask. This revitalizing face mask was formulated to help protect skin cells from damage and oxidation that may cause premature aging. This face mask is packed with important age defying ingredients and antioxidants such as apple extract, rosehip oil and vitamin c, which help relieve dry, irritated or mature skin while hydrating and protecting it against daily pollutants.

Go check out Blume Skincare here!


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