Girl Without A Face by Medeia Sharif

gwaf medium

Book Description

Destiny awakes with amnesia. She’d been driving on a wet road, about to leave flowers at a memorial marker of a deceased classmate, when she almost met that same fate.

Her mother, Mildred, is beyond restrictive, and she doesn’t want Destiny to have her cellphone back. A nurse sneaks it into her room, but it’s useless without the passcode. After her hospital stay, her mother becomes physically abusive.

Destiny and the boy she’s developing feelings for decide to drive around to spark her memory. She’s positive she crashed near a memorial marker. When they find the place in question, and when Destiny remembers her phone’s passcode, nothing is as it seems—and Mildred is crazier than she first thought.

My Thoughts

At the beginning of this book, I had a feeling that something wasn’t right and everything starts becoming clearer each chapter that Destiny’s mother has a serious problem. Destiny has problems as well because she can’t remember anything about her life because the accident caused her to get amnesia.

Destiny’s mother does whatever it takes to keep her in the house, hidden away from the neighbors, friends, and family. Destiny starts to go against what her mother told her to do and suddenly her life is in danger.

This book was so good that I finished it in one day! The creepy feeling that something is wrong, but nothing is making sense started from the first chapter and held throughout the whole book.

Girl Without A Face was a great read and I really enjoyed reading it a lot! Medeia Sharif is a wonderful writer. I love how she puts together very engaging sentences that flow seamlessly from page to page!

Get your copy of Girl Without A Face by Medeia Sharif here!


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