Deadspeak by Ruth Bainbridge


About The Book

Things look different when you’re dead.

Thirteen-year-old Griff Lindon is dead. Murdered. But she’s determined to make the killer that stole her young life away pay. Her ghost forms an unlikely alliance with Kimberly Trent, the rookie detective assigned to her case. The problem is that Kimberly has troubles of her own.

Kim’s sister was also thirteen when she was murdered by a serial killer who was never caught, and the similarity in ages is enough to stir up old memories that will forever haunt her. Even though it’s been almost twenty years, an ominous feeling that the killer is still out there makes Kim fearful that he’s not done.

With no clues, her sister’s case has gone cold, but it just could be that a ghost of a girl will be the one to help her stop him once and for all.

My Thoughts

I love how the investigation is detailed so you come to the same conclusions as Kim and her partner. You see all the evidence they both see, you hear everything that they do and you realize that something isn’t right right along with the detectives. Every word and every movement means something. I found myself going back pages to see exactly what was said and how it was said, and I finished the book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down.

If you are a fan of mystery, suspense, drama, paranormal, or if you just want to see if you like any of those, then this book is a great place to start!

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