365 Devotions for Living Joyfully by Victoria York – Review


Book Description

Discover the joy of the Lord in fresh ways through the beautiful new 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully. Full of simple, accessible devotions for every day of the year, this book will help you find deep, unshakable, biblical joy and will inspire you to live your most joyful life.

In the midst of busy schedules and endless to-do lists, joy seems like a luxury few can afford, let alone a foundational part of an identity rooted in Christ. God promises His children a life of joy, and yet it remains so easy to lose sight of the gifts He offers every day. Take a few minutes each morning to rekindle this biblical understanding of a joy-filled life with the beautiful and inspirational new book, 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully.

Reflect on the abundant life God holds out to you, and rediscover how joy can transform your heart. With Scripture verses and a prayer on each page, these devotions will inspire and grow your faith as you begin to see life as God truly intended it—full of abounding joy! Take heart and refresh your soul every day of the year through the encouraging words of 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully.

My Thoughts

This book would make a great addition to your daily time with God. 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully is a book by Victoria York that has daily devotions based on Scripture aimed at reminding us of the hope and joy that we can experience through Christ and His work in our daily lives.

The book is organized with one page of reading per day and it’s dated, so you can read the reading for the “correct” day. Each day begins with a Bible verse, followed by a thoughtful narrative which will return your thoughts to the hope and joy that you have within reach. There is a response or prayer to God following the reading.

The book is a cute little book that is bright yellow with a bicycle on the front and inner covers. There is a little ribbon bookmark to save your place and the end of the book features a Scripture index which will allow you to see where specific Bible verses are referenced.

I think this is a valuable book for you and would also make a great little gift to give. Buy a few, keep one for yourself, and give some as gifts!

Check out 365 Devotions for Living Joyfully by Victoria York on Amazon here!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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