Rootie The Rootlifter Review


From the makers of VOLOOM, Rootie is a volumizing iron designed to give your hair instant lift and lasting volume. It does this by creating natural looking, subtle texture (like crimping) in the under layers of your hair, lifting the top layers of your hair up and away from your scalp. Use this tool as the last step on dry/styled hair and you will get amazing volume in minutes!

Rootie enhances any hair style including short hair, ponytails, curly hair, straight hair, etc. This tool is designed to replace messy hair teasing or ineffective hair volume products which may result in product buildup, leaving your hair dull and lifeless. Whether you’re looking for subtle lift or full-on volume, Rootie is definitely the perfect tool to try on days when your hair just needs that extra oomph.

The tool heats up really fast and the process was very quick. Rootie definitely gave my hair some lift. Sometimes when I tease my hair, it creates knots and makes my hair look messy so this tool is an amazing alternative.

Go check out Rootie here!

Thank you VOLOOM for sponsoring today’s post!

One thought on “Rootie The Rootlifter Review

  1. This sounds so interesting! I hate teasing my hair and using yet another product for root lift is just a pain in the butt. I’d love to try something like this. I’m so curious how it would do on my hair!

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