Username: Uprising (Username #3) by Joe Sugg Review


Book Description

Evie longs to put her e.scape adventures behind her. She’s battle-scarred and determined to move on, but an outcast from her digital paradise is set on revenge. Knox roams the streets and pledges to punish the girl who dismissed his kind from the real world.

Soon, his plans go beyond personal, and Knox plots an uprising that could bring life as we know it to an end. Faced with an uprising on a global scale, as well as issues on the friendship and romance frontline, Evie must stage a fight back that calls her own existence into question.

My Thoughts

This book was probably my favorite book from the Username series. The illustrations are awesome! It was so good to see all the characters grow and become really good friends. I was definitely sad to see the end of this series, but it was great while it lasted. I highly recommend reading the Username series!

I’ve never really enjoyed graphic novels, but after reading this series I’ve really found a great love for them. I’ll definitely be picking up some more graphic novels and hopefully some of them will be written by Joe Sugg again.

Go check out Username: Uprising by Joe Sugg here!

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