Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System Review


Have you tried dermaplaning yet? I am definitely in love with the Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Dermaplaning System!

Sonicsmooth is one of the only at home hair removal systems that is suitable for all skin tones and most skin types. Sonicsmooth is rechargeable, has a non-slip coating for easy grip, user-friendly design and offers 3 sonic speeds. These features allow for the painless removal of unwanted facial hair while exfoliating the top layer of dead dull skin. Sonicsmooth utilizes specially designed safety edges combined with sonic technology (258 beats per second) to precisely remove peach fuzz and gently smooth the complexion. Sonicsmooth harnesses the complexion-enhancing properties of sonic technology to safely and effectively target unwanted facial hair, rough skin texture, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness.

My skin is instantly smoother, softer and brighter after the first use! Check out this product here and the replacement kit here.

Thank you Michael Todd Beauty for sponsoring today’s post!

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