WEYV: Music and Magazine Streaming App

weyv music and magazine streaming app stylishbrunette.com

Music and magazines are a huge part of my everyday life. I am always listening to music and reading magazines. I recently discovered an amazing app called WEYV that allows me to read my favorite magazines while listening to my favorite song!

What is WEYV?

WEYV is an ad-free, subscription-based app that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and soon watch visual content.


All-in-one – Music (on-demand and stations) and magazines.

Family-friendly – WEYV is COPPA compliant. Kids have
independence while parents have peace of mind.

Customizable – Cool and fun ways to tailor music stations,
including sliding scales for artist and song popularity, and
filtering options to select genres and decades.

Multi-tasking – Simultaneously listen to music and read your
favorite magazine.

Social – Share stations, music, articles and reading lists with
friends and family via WEYV Notes and on social media.

Accessible offline – No Wi-Fi? No worries! Download and
access music and magazines in advance.

Charitable – WEYV contributes 0.5% of net revenue to
deserving charities.

Sign up for WEYV here and use code MAKEWEYVS18 to try WEYV for 2
months free (no credit card required)!

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