DIY Whipped Mango Body Butter Recipe

I love making my own skincare products because it is so fun and I can control what ingredients go into the products. I received the Better Shea Butter Cosmetic Butters Set and decided to write a blog post about one of my favorite DIY skincare products to make.

I love to make Whipped Mango Body Butter because it smells absolutely amazing and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth.


– 4 oz mango butter

– 2.75 oz jojoba oil

– 60 drops of your favorite essential oil blend


Cut the mango butter into small cubes about 1/2 inch size and put them in a bowl. Using a fork or spoon, smash down the mango butter against the sides of the bowl until you have a uniform paste. Add the jojoba oil a little bit at a time, then stir the mango butter and jojoba oil together. Using an electric mixer, whip it for 5 minutes or until it has a nice whipped look. Make sure to scrape butter from the sides and add it to the whipping. As the final step, add your choice of essential oils and give it one more good whip.

Your final product will be a creamy and almost liquid, smooth body butter that will hold its consistency for several months.

I received these products complimentary from Better Shea Butter. All opinions are 100% my own. For more info, check out my disclosure page here.

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