COIN Release New Single “Simple Romance”

simple romance coin band

COIN’s newest single, “Simple Romance,” was just released and fans are losing their minds.

The band’s newest single, which was released Friday, October 12, is a step forward for them. The sound of the new single is different than some of their previous songs. But these changes do not mean the song doesn’t inherently feel like a COIN song.

The lyrics to “Simple Romance,” which were tweeted out on the band’s Twitter account on Sunday, align with their love of simple, well-thought-out concepts. One of their strengths is the ability to create complex, layered music with straight-cut lyrics.

simple romance lyrics coin band

Chase Lawrence, Ryan Winnen, and Joe Memmel currently make up the band. They, along with former member Zachary Dyke, have spent the last several years taking over the indie scene.

coin band

“Simple Romance,” which was produced by Foster the People’s Mark Foster, is a different take for the band but is definitely not unwelcome.

I am excited to see where the new music will take COIN and I am enjoying the newer COIN vibes.

Listen to the single below:

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