5 Sheet Masks For Halloween

Everyone’s favorite creepy holiday is not far away! Some people enjoy dressing up and going out, and others prefer spending the evening on their own. If you’re thinking of staying home on Halloween, here are 5 sheet masks to make your skin look spook-tacular!

5 sheet masks for Halloween stylishbrunette.com

Look Beauty Pretty Animalz Panda Print Facial Sheet Mask: This mask from Look Beauty will give you a serene spa experience. Containing lavender, honey extract, and camellia extract, this single-use sheet mask is designed to calm skin and give your face a fresh glow. Shop here.

STARSKIN Lifting Lace Sculpting V-Shape Compression Lace Mask: Inspired by medical science and compression treatments, this mask reshapes dull and sagging skin. Creating a natural facelift, pull the mask tightly on the face to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening and tightening. Shop here.

PÜR Cosmetics Sweet 16 MASK-querade Gold Confetti Hydrating Sheet Mask Set: The premium ingredients in the MASK-querade face masks seamlessly soak into tired skin to help rejuvenate and boost radiance for a complexion that shines. Each of the 6 transforming individual sheet masks features a one-of-a-kind, two-piece, gold design to deliver the hydrating serum to the top and bottom of the face equally for visibly brighter and plumper-looking skin in just 15 minutes. Shop here.

Belle Calming Rose Sheet Face Mask: This adorable mask has a Princess Belle design and is enriched with rose water. This sheet mask is designed to calm and smooth the skin, and it leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Shop here.

SNP Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask Sheet: This mask is an anti-aging mask that replenishes resilient energy to make skin firm and lustrous. It contains coconut water, which effectively replenishes moisture in the body and high levels of essential electrolytes and potassium. Evening primrose oil and acai berry extract provide vital moisture and nutrition for a radiant complexion and even skin texture for younger-looking skin. The mask makes rough skin caused by dryness smooth and reinforces luster to dry and lifeless skin. Shop here.

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