Once upon a Pancake: Stories We Write Together by Rick Benger Review

Once upon a Pancake by Rick Benger review stylishbrunette.com

Book Description

This book isn’t finished.

It’s up to you and your friends to complete the stories inside. Pick a story, grab a pen, and write the next bit — a little or a lot, a few words or a few sentences. Go wherever your imagination takes you.

Then invite someone else to keep the story going. They’ll riff, connect the dots, and spark ideas, and then the next person will write, and so on. And so the story will grow.

Over weeks, months, or generations, each copy of Once upon a Pancake will become unique, a book of over one hundred stories filled with the collective creativity of its writers.

122 stories in a variety of styles. Large size hardcover coffee table book (8 x 10 inches). Ideal for coffee tables at home, in the office, and in cafes and bars. A perfect gift for your creative friend — each book will become unique once they write inside.

My Review

Once upon a Pancake by Rick Benger is the perfect gift for your friends and family this holiday season! It’s an interactive coffee table book full of unfinished stories. You write inside and take turns to keep the story going. This book is great quality, the stories are hilarious, creative and fun. I love it! There’s a good variety of stories inside so it doesn’t get repetitive.

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