Mistake Erase Liquid Eyeliner and Corrector

Mistake Erase Liquid Eyeliner and Corrector madisonloveday.com

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Mistake Erase just launched today and is a new eyeliner brand available exclusively on Amazon.

Mistake Erase is a brand that strives to make liquid eyeliner possible for everyone, no matter the skill level. whether you’re a beginner or a makeup pro with a busy lifestyle, mistakes happen and Mistake Erase helps clean them up quickly and easily.

This eyeliner is unique and with this eyeliner, you get two products in one! One side is a high performance, high pay-off black liquid liner and the other side is a conditioning eraser tip.

Mistake Erase Liquid Eyeliner and Corrector madisonloveday.com 

Product Details

• Amazon.com exclusive
• under $20
• two products, one package
• compare to high-price
prestige eyeliners

• rich black pigment
• conditioning corrector tip
• range of looks achievable
• easy to use

• innovative solution
• quality & control
• paraben-free
• fragrance-free

How To Use

you’ve got this.

hold eyeliner at a slight angle and trace along the upper lash line or start with a wing. use light pressure for a fine line and added pressure for a thicker, bolder look.

made a mistake?

allow the eyeliner to dry for 10 seconds
then use the corrector tip to erase mistakes and refine lines. for best results, gently clean the corrector tip after each use.

try & try again.

practice makes perfect & with the Mistake Erase, you’ll master any liquid eyeliner look in no time.

Mistake Erase is currently on SALE right now for a limited time on Amazon so it’s only $12 and qualifies for Prime!

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