How To End The Year Right

Can you believe that we are already in October? I know that it’s a huge shock to me. Don’t get me wrong…I knew that this month was coming up, but September just flew by and I wasn’t expecting that. October is one of my all time favorite months because of the weather and all of the fun fall activities that go on during this month, but it’s also the month that screams, “THE END OF THE YEAR IS COMING” more than any other month, in my opinion. It’s the month that puts me in check and it’s the month that makes me want to start fresh and really end the year right. If you feel the same way and if you really want to take charge of your life and finish the rest of the year strong, here are a few tips and tricks to do so:

Clean out your closet

I know so many people that have cleaned out their closets recently and boy, does it feel good when that happens! Are you one of those people that hoards a lot of clothes? Yeah, me too. I think most of us are, actually. If this sounds familiar to you, start clearing out the clutter. The great thing about this? When you weed through your closet, you will find pieces that you have missed for a long while and couldn’t find them. You will also free up space for new things. But, when you start filling your closet back up again, make sure you are only choosing items that truly make you feel great about yourself.

Start back with exercising

If you have fallen off the wagon recently, get back on. If you don’t know where to start, that is okay, too. There are so many people and places out there that can help you ease back into things in your own time and way. For example, there are plenty of CrossFit gyms in Nashville, but CrossFit Solid Orange sets themselves apart by creating a friendly, welcoming environment, for EVERYONE, no matter if you are in tip-top shape, or if you don’t even remember how to lift a dumbbell. Every single session is led by a professional coach, guiding you every step of the way. This means that you can make sure you are safe while getting back into working out. They offer CrossFit classes with interval-training bootcamps, strength and conditioning sessions, yoga, olympic weightlifting, and personal training, too. They say, “We opened our doors in 2016 putting an emphasis on helping people keep coming back that had trouble ‘sticking’ to a workout program. Our members are consistently successful achieving RESULTS because we connect you with another member that shares your goals!” If you need help getting back into working out, rest easy knowing that there is a gym out there (CrossFit Solid Orange) that is committed towards walking with you, one step at a time.

Fine-tune your diet

If you want to feel REALLY great with yourself, try to fine-tune your diet. Now, I’m not saying to stop eating carbs, or anything like that. In fact, to feel your best, you might need to eat more carbs and sugar: you might just need to choose healthier options. For example, sourdough bread is a carb, yes, but you cannot lump it into the same category as store-purchased white bread. The same goes for store-purchased ice cream. How can you compare that to homemade strawberry ice cream, with only high-quality cream, honey, and strawberries in it? You can’t. Fine-tune what you eat by choosing high-quality options. Honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar instead of white sugar. Fruit, instead of candy. And don’t forget about the organic grass-fed meats.

Set professional and personal goals

One thing that I love about this time of year is that it sets a fire under your butt. Promotions, bonuses, and raises are coming up. This is the time to really get down to it and set professional and personal goals for yourself. Only you can set your limits, so go for the stars!

Forgive yourself and others

This piece of advice is something I constantly have to remind myself to practice. I am my worst critic. It’s so easy to beat ourselves up for our so-called failures. So maybe you didn’t get the promotion you were expecting. Or maybe you feel like you didn’t work hard enough to achieve your goals. Perhaps a relationship you put so much energy in ended. Sometimes, we can be so kind to other people but so hard on ourselves. We are all perfectly flawed. And we have to love and forgive ourselves despite our faults and flaws in the same way that we love and forgive others in spite of their imperfections.

Another thing to do before the end of the year? Forgive others. When we hold on to resentment and anger, we are only hurting ourselves in the long-run. Sure, someone might have really made you upset, but try your best to let it go and forgive them. It will feel so good to do so, I promise.

Think about your successes

Though looking for ways to improve is a good thing, there is nothing wrong with giving ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. Perhaps you were able to lock down the apartment or house of your dreams this year. Or, you finally got around to starting a small savings account or investment fund. Maybe you quit smoking, stuck to your gym regimen, or improved the supplements that you take. No matter how trivial it may seem, personal successes and accomplishments are worth toasting to. So clink, clink! Enjoy the rest of this year and finish it off strong. You’ve got this!

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